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Respect is a key component of any romantic relationship. Archives of Sexual Behavior. The impact of teenage intercourse can affect families for many years. Just Launched! Emerging adults may engage in sexual behavior in a variety of relationships, including close dating relationships and with casual or non-dating partners. Instead of worrying, live a happy life that will attract the right person to you.

relationship consequences of teenage sex

relationship consequences of teenage sex

Adolescents who engage in oral or vaginal sex report a wide range of social, emotional and physical consequences, both positive and negative, according to a survey of California high students.1 Teenagers who had had only oral sex were less likely than their peers who had had vaginal or both types of sex to experience negative consequences, such as pregnancy and feelings. As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by their relationship experiences. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development. Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships may contribute to negative consequences. Dating Age. Although many negative effects of dating during the pre-teen and early adolescent years are noted -- poor academic performance, low educational aspirations, delinquency, enduring poor social skills, sexual activity, depression and drug use, having a boyfriend or girlfriend during the high years seems to have a more positive effect.

Because sexual behavior may be associated with a broader range of outcomes than physical consequences like sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, it is important to relationship consequences of teenage sex consequences of sex that may influence mental and social well-being in emerging adulthood. Participants reported positive consequences more frequently than negative consequences. Non-use of contraception and sex with a non-dating partner were associated with greater odds of reporting negative consequences. These findings have implications for messages about casual sex and use of contraception in sex education and sexual health programming. Although much of the research relationship consequences of teenage sex emerging adult sexuality has focused on prevention of sexually transmitted infections STIs and unwanted pregnancy, sexual behavior can have broader implications for well-being. Since its inception, the World Health Organization has defined health as involving physical, mental and social well-being World Health Organization,and consequences of sex may play a role in each of these three dimensions.

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Relationship consequences of teenage sex

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