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She turned around and bent over steadying herself on a dining room chair. He never left any bruises, just a bright red backside that hurt for two days. I'm not letting you off the hook, but I think you've had enough for one day. Normally he grabs me and puts me over his knee and sometimes in frot of people if embarrassment will do me good the smacks my bottom until he thinks Ive learned my lesson, depending on the severity of my offense, pants and undies may come down and I may get belted, paddled, or just a warm up with the hand. I have been married for six years and I am a very happy loved, honoured, cherished, and spanked wife!!

spanked and put in her place

spanked and put in her place

She was a bitch and she knew it. At forty years old, 5"2, lbs. It was a wonder how she got to be the president of such a fine law firm. That was just it though. She was polite and respectful to her rich clients, but the spanked and put in her place that worked under her were treated like servants. Most of her workers just accepted it, and went about their daily work loads.

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Spanked and put in her place
Spanked and put in her place

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Maybe i wrong. but he Don't have testicles o.O
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The greatest hookup is when you can see that both people involved are just truly loving it.
Spanked and put in her place