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"I understand your dilemma and like you will have to scrutinize more closely during numerous viewings. I am, however, leaning in the direction of Keisha. No losers here however."

As he bent lower to her, awaiting with baited breath Bella's response, he felt his manhood throb with anticipation. BellaxJacob No pairing flames please, you have been warned in both lemon and pairing. M Morning Wood. He would never leave me. Other stories were either too story driven or only made for a single scene in mind, but this? Terms of Service. Support us Patreon Chat!

twilight sex on the beach

twilight sex on the beach

Will probably read later currently in public placebut I guess you could say Carrot Top likes going I died of suspense only to be resurrected in an attempt to find the truth and then I read this and I can die in peace. Finally, it finishes! Magic condom ruins everything! Holy crap, this turned me into some sex crazed idiot But seriously, best ending! It really was the best clop-fic I twilight sex on the beach ever read!

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Twilight sex on the beach

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Twilight sex on the beach